5 Good Reasons for Choosing Magento E-commerce Development in India

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5 Good Reasons for Choosing Magento E-commerce Development in India

black pornstars with blue eyes With growing demands for professionals and dearth of time. The most preferred mode of shopping for many busy professional is online, which has saw a burst in popularity of shopping portal overnight. This has led to a huge demand for e-commerce sites and Magento e-commerce sites are the best cost effective option available for a business, due to its open source content management system (CMS).

https://magyarceggyujtemeny.com/black-sex-with-teens Magento e-commerce development customization offers feature rich functions for selling and promoting products, organizing customers, and offering secure payment methods.

church sister sex video Magento e-commerce development can be easily adjusted through additional coding to provide specific customizations to suit the needs of different business.

https://sauvonslagatineau.com/princess-leia-gold-bikini-pictures 1. A Magento E-commerce Platform Provides

go to link Provide support for multiple currencies and stores.

http://findlawyersca.com It provides support for multiple language.

sex with a asian virgin Supports multiple payment providers, from PayPal, Visa, to Mastercard, etc.

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https://eliteperformingminds.com/beautiful-wife-thumbnail-gallery Related products can be cataloged and categorized.

Discount codes can be automatically given to customers based on their shopping behaviour.

2. Magento E-commerce Site Features

Integration – web merchants migrating from competing platforms can easily import their existing customer and product databases to the Magento architecture.

Open Source – Magento’s entry-level Community Edition is free of charge, allowing companies to build their site through the platform without the risk of a costly license fee.

Secure Payments – With the option of over 50 payment gateways (including Paypal), Magento provides a checkout infrastructure to suit all customers.

Streamlined Products – Even the most complex catalogue of products can be seamlessly integrated into Magento through a variety of intuitively designed product categories.

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Calculated Shipping – Have a wide range of customizations and shipping rules to ensure that prices and parameters are consistent across your site. Order can be booked through Call center.

Marketing – Configure newsletters, apply voucher promotions, and reach out to social networks through Magento’s feature rich tool-set. Easily customizable promotional or thank you e-mails to customers can be sent.

Analytics – Magento provides in-built application that allow a business to monitor site traffic, track sales trends, and easily identify your most popular products.

Integration with Google Analytics.

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Multiple Languages – Magento sites isupports variety of languages, for each territory of operation separately, through a easy to understand multi-store feature.
Shipping to multiple addresses after confirmation of payment.

Easy one page checkout option.

Magento e-commerce can be customized to be SEO friendly. The Search Engine Optimization tools and Search Engine Optimization friendly coding helps a Magento website to secure higher rankings in popular Search Engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. It automatically generates Sitemap, Meta tags your products and categorizes pages.

Multiple images for products and easy navigation pages. Images size along with its details can be included or deleted by the administration.

Product Inventory management and order status with history can be viewed easily.

Different promotion options can be activated and deactivated in no time.

Multiple Magento e-commerce websites can be integrated with a primary website along with supporting blogs.

Magento web development and design can be customized as per requirement for custom landing page design, call-out graphics and photo editing, widgets, buttons and special effects, XHTML and CSS enhancements, Magento themes design customization.

Magento Development/ Magento Programming Customization can be done in XML, PHP, JavaScript programming.

3. Required Skill Sets for Providing Magento Services:

For Magento web development services and customization a new developers should have knowledge as well as experience in skinning or theming of various other complicated websites. The developers must have a good knowledge of CSS and HTML.They should comfortable in editing CSS and HTML straightaway, and good working on FTP nodes. New developers should also already be acquainted with the version of Magento project feature set as well as functionality of frontend. Some experience with PHTML and PHP is helpful.

4. Magento Customization and Application Development Services Include:

Magento eCommerce design and Magento eCommerce development

Magento theme designs

Customised Magento theme designs and integration

Magento theme development based on existing design

Online store development / website development using Magento

Landing page design

Widgets, buttons & special effects

Payment gateway integration

Shipping methods

CMS pages

Magento store management training

Magento skinning

Magento backend training

5. For Magento e-commerce integration of different modules, the Magento Openbravo connector is the best available option. This integrates Openbravo and Magento e-commerce systems. With this module a business can synchronize customers, products and sales order from Magento into Openbravo Professional Edition. Each synchronization process can be scheduled by time and frequency to be executed.